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Same Soul, Different Lifetime

I can do whatever I want. I'm the writer.

True love waits in haunted attics...

The stench of death comes in waves.

"Chaos has a weak left."

"Even in his dreams, he is autistic."
"But what else would he be?"

"You are coming to a sad realization. Cancel or Allow?"

Just as form follows function, force follows dumbass.

It's not a threat if nutmeg isn't involved.

If the world ended today, I wouldn't care. If anything, I think I'd laugh from the sheer release of life and all of its nonsense.

Repressed memories are best left repressed.

a future was lost yesterday
as easily and irretrievably
as a tennis ball at twilight
--Sylvia Plath, April 18

"I hate this place! Why am I here?"

Never, ever, under any circumstance, let a witch near a graveyard.

A mother is only as happy as her saddest child.

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